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Look at these amazing goods! How could you resist? · Look at these amazing goods! How could you resist? ·


What is the Best Pet?

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I have a geriatric lab. I love her and I believe she loves me back. It’s an ego boost — although, scientifically speaking, I know that a dog’s love isn’t a foolproof referendum on character. Hitler had dogs who loved him.

My dog is always hungry, to the point that she tries to scrape gum off the sidewalk with her teeth. Combined with her arthritic hips, it makes for a pitiful scene, and I regularly receive comments from passers-by suggesting my dog has lived long enough. The most recent heckler gestured at my dog and said conversationally, It might be time to end things, dear.” She was about a thousand years old herself, shuffling down the street with help from a four-pronged cane, orthopedic shoes, and a nurse. Right back at you, ma’am.

If my dog and I have the strength, we go to a nearby park for off-leash hours. I enjoy smiling kindly at other dogs (and only the dogs, lest I risk the acquisition of another friend) and hearing the owner say, Oh, he likes you!” It’s an almost adulterous thrill, and the annual springtime puppy season is particularly charming.

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