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More Than the Sum of its Parts

You are walking down the street on a blinding Chicago winter morning. The kind where the sun prismatically ricochets off the snow crystals in a million tiny shimmering rays. Everything is grey, white until you see a brilliant explosion of technicolor rays through the window of your favorite shop. These colorful emanations are the makings of Ben Houtkamp, a visual artist working out of Chicago. Ben kindly obliged our request to video hang and give us the story of his newest stained glass pieces that caught our eye. We got the word from Ben on how the practice started, and where it’s going. You can find a couple of Ben’s new stained glass lightboxes in the Varyer Shop – a new tangent of work that he hopes people will like and understand. We think they will. Ben’s father Frank is a stained glass artist and architecture student who has worked on church renovations and period homes since Ben could remember, but Ben himself never considered working with the medium, mostly sticking to painting and drawing.

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