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Conversations: Faviola Anaya Esquivel

In her sofa-cover look, a mossy green neckpiece juts out from the bust of the white-and-red gown — almost resembling a medieval gorget, a garment intended for the protection of the neck and chest. The visual reference is fitting for a young artist struggling with heartbreak. Upon closer inspection, the gown is embellished with the familiar ty” tags from Beanie Babies, hand-written messages, and lipstick-kiss marks.

[The collection] was based around my childhood toys and what my childhood play area looked like,” Esquivel says. One of the things that was very integral to my childhood experience was this forest green carpet. I’ve always loved rugs and carpets — it’s probably because of my sense of tactility as a kid.”

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i love your giant pupils ◉◉ i love your giant pupils ◉◉

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Conversations: Monica Lo

By grabbing Monica Lo’s exciting new book The Weed Gummies Cookbook, budding cannabis confectioners can learn recipes and techniques for creating tasty, unique, and effective weed treats to consume at home or gift to lucky friends. She blew our minds with snacky ideas — from her marijuana-infused boba balls (pop them into matcha milk and make kief bubble tea for your crowd) to elegant dark chocolate caramel turtles that look like they came from a fancy chocolatier.

ML: So many reasons why DIY is the way to go. In 2021, cannabis edibles sales in medical and recreational states began to skyrocket as an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We started to see consumers choosing edibles, specifically gummies and candies, over inhalable forms of consumption. On the flip side, as states began to legalize medically and recreationally, dispensary prices also began to rise due to taxes and operating costs. There are also state-mandated regulations on dosages and serving sizes, which can be challenging for patients who need more than what is on the shelves. Dispensary edibles also have to be shelf-stable for a few months to a year.

When you DIY, you can make your treats without the commercial preservatives and also customize the dosage to your body’s needs. It’s even more cost-effective if you grow your own plants!

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