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What is the Best?

Molly Butterfoss' hard-hitting monthly query, based on the premise that in this busy age, we only have time for one thing: the best

What is the Best Transportation? ➺

From public transit to the freedom/death of flying, the options are limited and often disappointing–might as well enjoy the ride! In this column, Molly Butterfoss gives us an erudite rundown on choosing the best method for maximum comfort and minimum malaise.

What is the Best House? ➺

Leaving one's own domicile can offer new experiences and evoke emotions that typically range from enjoyable all the way to downright disturbing. Molly Butterfoss gives us a taste of all the above in her this installment of What is the Best? a monthly column often uncovering one certainty: sometimes the gift of searching is in not having found at all.

What is the Best Gift? ➺

"Bloodletting, crafting an AIM away message, home milk delivery: all bygone art forms rendered obsolete. Will the quaint tradition of gift-giving go the same way?"

In her monthly column, What 𝒾𝓈 the Best? Molly Butterfoss asks and answers the most pressing questions of our time.

What is the Best Job? ➺

"Supposedly, the important things in life are family, friendship, the warm touch of sunshine on our smiling faces, etc. Yet, rather than gathering with our loved ones, we spend most of our time flailing in the unforgiving grind of the global economy."

Molly Butterfoss offers up some astute observations on 'What is the Best Job?' since we're forced to have them and all.

What is the Best City? ➺

The title is a question, and this column could be a mere one-word answer, but Molly Butterfoss respects you too much for that.

What is the Best Place to Shop? ➺

In the first installment of her new monthly column, Molly Butterfoss takes us on a philosophical journey to try to answer the unanswerable. It's sort of a rotating monomaniacal musing on the big questions of life...like Moby Dick, but shorter, and about pop culture. For her debut: a journey into the depths of fashionable consumerism.