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The Varyer Convenience Store

The world is filled with stuff.

Some of that stuff is actually . . . pretty good. Through our many collaborations and conversations with those in our creative ecosystem, we've uncovered in-the-know revelations on the good stuff.

In an effort to aggregate, organize, and share these discoveries, we present The Varyer Convenience Store: your one-stop shop for an eclectic assembly of quality things. (For thematic deep dives into some of these items, check out our high-quality recommendations.)

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➩ Steal My Craft — Peter Frederiksen ➩

Textile artist Peter Frederiksen's compositions are a particular combination of illustration and embroidery, but his sewing machine recommendation is a solid pick for any sewist.

“It's only black because it was on sale, not because it's manly—hahaha. It's a heavy-duty Janome that's slightly altered; the presser foot is removed so I can get the needle closer to the work on the edge of the hoop. I use the same thread for the top and bottom stitching since I work with a tight tension, this keeps the color uniform in case the bottom thread peeks through.”

➩ Recommendations: Homesteading ➩

If you haven't already come across this hobby on TikTok, we love it not only for its colorful aesthetics, but also for the calming, ASMR-like clicking noise the process creates.

“I guess you could say this is a kind of puzzle mixed with paint-by-numbers, but with rhinestones. You can make a nice bedazzled Klimt to decorate the house, and it’s a nice tactile feeling to use wax to transport the gems. The noise they make as they attach is very soothing. If you like pointillism, this is your gem(forgive the pun!).”

➩ How-To: Indigo Dye ➩

Revive your household fabrics, well-loved clothing, or let your imagination run wild with blue-hued potential.

“Indigo has become a common color in our everyday lives, but historically, this color has been considered more valuable than gold and used as actual currency. While it might not be good for that anymore, you can repurpose old clothes or make something new with indigo dye.”

➩ Shelved: My Silly Little Unemployment Sketchbook ➩

The pocket Moleskine was 22-year-old Becca Christman's preferred sketchbook, and it remains a timeless option by any measure.

“Info for nerds: this is a pocket size (3.5x5.5") unlined hard cover Molskine that I had monogramed by Molskine for free using a coupon code 😎.”

➩ Steal My Craft—Miwak Junior ➩

Alice and Sebastian Boher of Miwak Junior spoke with us about their pipe-making procedures. Sebastian, the maker of the pipes, shared his thoughts and process on the creation of these future relics.

“It all starts with clay. Sebastian gets his from Laguna Clay. Using mostly stonework clay and porcelain, he mixes his own clay colors with a pre-fire coloring material called mason stain.”

He also outlined a few items for those looking to get started in ceramics:


➩ Recommendations: Aesthetic (but Non-Alcoholic) Beverages ➩

These pretty bottles of amaro soft drinks—or “leisure sodas”—are lovely replacements for a boozy beverage.

“We love the bold typography and colors across Casamara Club’s bottles and cans, but seeing their labels lined up together creates a series of particularly charming vistas.”

➩ Little Debbie's Taste Test ➩

The non-definitive winner of our internal Varyer Little Debbie's taste test.

“The Chocolate Cupcake is our winner, with an average score of 9.5—pretty damn high!”

➩ Recommendations: Straight Liqueurs ➩

Among the world of incredible liqueurs, we've got a selection just for the weirdos out there. 🥚

“Strictly for the freaks! An Italian liqueur first created from a candy manufacturer who combined the discarded egg yolks from making nougat with marsala wine, alcohol, and sugar. The results? A sweet, light, custardy drink—served hot or cold, with or without dessert, and arguably best in its signature cocktail, the Bombardino (which gets its name from the blast of inner heat you get from drinking it).”

➩ How-To: Popcorn ➩

Popcorn is a highly subjective snack, but you definitely want to start with a solid foundation.

“There is a lot of information out there about kernels: size, quality, heirloom status. I’m here to tell you that large butterfly kernels are simply the best, no matter the color. When you want a perfect balance of fluff and texture, the best surface area to hold seasoning, and top poppability, bigger is better. I’m not sure how the tiny popcorn trend got started, but I’m not here for it. There are also mushroom kernels, which work better for heavier coatings such as syrups and heavy oils, none of which I enjoy or recommend.”

Other equipment to maximize popcorn pleasure:

➩ Conversations: Monica Lo ➩

Elevate your edibles from the comfort of your own home with a stash of cannabis and a candy thermometer.

“I’ve designed this cookbook to be as user-friendly as possible in hopes of empowering readers to make their own cannabis edibles at home. That said, the book starts easy with the gummies chapter and gets a little more challenging in the soft caramels and hard candies chapters. Those chapters require a candy thermometer, proper equipment, and safety protocols!”


➩ Bye Bye, 2020 ➩

A tome worthy of the year-end list of former Varyer designer Jeremiah Shalo, this is a coffee table book for the bold.

“An insanely inspirational collection of absurd illustrations.”

➩ Recommendations: Children's Books ➩

Among a crowded field of incredible children's books, Shel Silverstein remains a titan of tenderness.

“To this day, Shel Silverstein brings tears to my eyes. This book is an intense and magical reminder that happiness cannot be found outside of yourself, and that satisfying desires doesn't bring happiness, it's the journey to discovering them that does.”

➩ Farewell, 2021 ➩

Varyer designer Adam Rogriguez selected The Utopia of Rules for his 2021 year-end list—a celebration of bureaucracy and all its beauty.

➩ Mirror Sound ➩

A celebration of self-recorded music, Mirror Sound is packed with original interviews and intimate portraiture.

“Drawing on conversations with contemporary artists who share the practice, their book Mirror Sound is about self-recording. It is as much an art book as it is a compendium of stories, and could be a well-placed fixture on any bookshelf. ”

➩ Adieu to 2022 ➩

Chris Kaskie rounded out 2022 with his favorite book of the year: a treatise on paring down.


➩ Recommendations: Kitchen Utensils ➩

Attempting to collect the perfect glassware can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Why not just cut to the chase with the perfectly affordable and unbreakable option?

“Fuck a wine glass—Duralex has been pounding out the best cafe glass in the game since the beginning of time. Recently dropped these amazing colored versions—adding some nice camo to your wine inhalation. And remember—these things are unbreakable!”

➩ Recommendations: Asrai Garden - Taking Care of Interior Spaces ➩

A high-quality blanket is a must; what you do with it is up to you.

“What’s the point of a home if it isn't cozy, which means blankets, blankets, blankets! They can be layered, they can be art, they can be for all seasons, completely neutral or just the pop of personality you need to brighten a space. A blanket in every room, you can’t have too many.”

➩ Spencer Tweedy: Home Recording Gear ➩

While the original recommendation here is in the orbit of at-home audio recording, we like to think that this vacuum transcends theme, place, and potentially space-time. It's good.

“This doesn’t have much to do with music, unless you count extreme mental pleasure as an aid to music-making. My mom recently got this vacuum and it’s… sublime. It picks stuff up I never would have imagined it can pick up. It just works. It works on rugs and hardwood. It’s quiet. It’s light. I can’t believe it. Every time I use it I feel like I’m the typecast Young Male in a Dyson commercial shoot; it puts a smile on my face. If you invest in this vacuum, you won’t regret it. ”

➩ Recommendations: House Shoes ➩

We all require that one pair of slippers or shoes that are strictly for house wear only.

“Cozy, washable, great for gifting; the reversible nature comes in handy for folks with finicky seasonal feet—flip to the fabric side in the summer and the fluffy wool side in the winter. Since they’re all fabric, the heel comfortably folds down if the effortlessness of a mule is what you’re after.”

➩ Recommendations: First Plant ➩

Damiane Nickles shared his expertise on which house plants are best for true botanical beginners, and the Dracaena Francisii is “a statement piece for sure.”

“Sansevieria are known as some of the best plants for the newly initiated because of their tolerance of low-light conditions and their semi-succulent nature. Their leathery leaves and rhizomatic stems mean they don’t need to be pampered like some Anthurium and Philodendron species. That being said, they get a bad wrap (...rep...who cares) for being basic af but I’m here to tell you: don’t believe it.”


➩ For Water and Wine, for Going Outside ➩

It's okay to allow function to come before form. Sophia Callahan of Home Economics suggests a bag that just works.

“I’ve worn my black nylon Montbell crossbody everyday for the past 2-3 years. I always think I need to replace it and get something that feels a little more something-something, but I never do. It’s sturdy, light, can hold way more than it looks and is nondescript while still having it’s own little personality—a perfect and useful piece.”

➩ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ➩

Want to take a somewhat fantastical journey across the country? Want it to be through the mechanism of a nearly 25-year-old skateboarding video game?

Honestly, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater absolutely stands the test of time. Now might be the time to pass this relic on to the next generation. (If you can’t score a physical copy on Ebay or your local electronics resale store, an emulator is a solid backup.)

➩ What is the Best Gift? ➩

If you are perusing this guide for a gift, look no further. This marbled paper will immediately elevate any item into a top-tier present.

“We can’t all afford diamonds, but there’s one accessible thing all of these press-worthy push presents had in common: amazing wrapping paper. Shibori tissue paper, a gold-flecked Hermès scarf, Giannini marbled paper, and even linen, which feels like something a pharaoh would use. Blac Chyna’s car had a bow on the hood. So perhaps we can determine that the key is not the gift itself, but the packaging. The ritual. The gesture.”

➩ Recommendations: Weed Devices ➩

We are big fans of most of Edie Parker's creative products, but their smokeware in particular is a hot topic around the office.

“Legend has it that Kirsten Dunst used to smoke out of these to get into character on the set of Marie Antionette. Edie Parker makes the most elegant pipes you can buy. I just broke my banana and it shattered my heart along with it.”

➩ How-To: Puzzle ➩

Puzzling is a deceptively complex hobby: it can be done nearly anywhere and with minimal equipment, but to puzzle at the highest caliber requires preparation. The puzzling pros at Le Puzz shared with us the proper equipment to guarantee the best-possible puzzling experience. Among the most important of the puzzling supplies is the surface: these puzzle boards from Zakco are a solid canvas for your next puzzle sesh.

“You want to have enough room to lay out all the pieces, spread out, sort them, and—of course—fit the completed puzzle on the table! Seasoned puzzlers will often have a dedicated surface to puzzle on, like a puzzle board. We highly recommend them, as they turn any surface into a puzzle-able surface.”