Adieu to 2022 | Varyer

Adieu to 2022

Are we back to “normal” yet? Regardless, we yet again reminisce on the people, places, and things that helped us make it to the end.


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ using photoshop


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Diamond City concepts, Bringing Tokey the Air ☁ to life 🧬


*in no particular order*

**except the first**

***and the second***

✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Bambino Name Dump (Winner: Boner Methuselah LasVegas)


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Being welcomed into the family, scanning these incredible Grecian mags for Shelved

new year, new me ✨ new year, new me ✨


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Learning and laughing with the goofiest group of knuckleheads in Chicago


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Our very cute, very informative internal skill share


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Corny, but being hired!! Also, visiting/chatting with the folks at The Jungle!


✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Plotting the execution of The World's Largest Ice Bong with Rich of Festive Ice Sculptures


  • Launching the butt calendar
  • Spending January in Brazil with my family, going to the beach and laughing our little bellies off
  • Watching Convoy with my love at the Banshee Labyrinth
  • Being Chip’s aunt
  • The day I accidentally ripped the cover of my Middlemarch copy in the bus, and Becca made a beautiful new cover for me
  • Marcona Almonds
  • Talking to Kelly and bringing her to Templestowe and to the Tuca and Bertie crew
  • Memorizing HEATED just to keep up with Jazz
  • Making December’s employee of the month
  • Seeing Sofi Tukker and Charlotte Adigery live

✯ Varyer Fave ✯ Our Wednesday lunches, drinking wine and eating fresh goat cheese, sticky toffee pudding, fighting about restaurant choices.