Farewell 2021 | Varyer

Farewell, 2021

In (another) year too easy to bid farewell to, we reminisce on the people, places, and things that helped us make it to the end.

Kelly's Top 10

In no particular order

Margot's Top 10

In no particular order

  • Prime Cut Backpack

  • Bianca's bacterial fluff

  • Frothing my oatmilk in the AM

  • Skins Field Recordings

  • Young Thug, every year

  • Family portraits with Tom of Tom's 1 Hour Photo

  • Manti Dumplings

  • Lucchese Cowgirl Boots

  • Reservation Dogs

  • The White Sox

Bianca's Top 10

In no particular order

  1. Chavas Tacos

  2. Marina Sena’s album De Primeira

  3. Making butts every day for Varyer

  4. Ottolenghi’s Red Lentil Soup

  5. Elvira Mistress of the Dark

  6. Seeing Lina Bo’s bowl chair in person for the first time

  7. All my friends at Templestowe Pub

  8. Vacuum garfield
  9. My cat cleo

Jack's Top 10

  • Carving Ice
  • Running on the 606 to participate in the changing of the seasons
  • Playing Switch with my nephew 😊staying tapped in with my fellow youth
  • Oregano oil, a cure-all?
  • Moving into my first solo apartment
  • Carving soap
  • A breath of fresh air on the office rooftop at sundown
  • Caring for multiple houseplants and keeping them mostly alive (shoutout Planta app for the scheduling)
  • Getting a grill on my porch to bypass using dishes
  • Re-watching the Sopranos in its entirety… gabagool

Adam's Top 10

In no particular order

Taylor's Top 10

In no particular order

  1. The All New 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid EX-L With 2.9% APR Financing

  2. Ettitude Sheets

  3. Soup

  4. Bisa Butler at The Art Institute Of Chicago

  5. Peloton (yes, i know, i don’t care)

  6. Boundaries

  7. Maison de la Luz, New Orleans

  8. Donut Electric Boat Rental (MUST be donut boat, specifically from Rockwell On The River location- beverages required.)

  9. Elina’s

  10. Neapolitan Trilogy, Elena Ferrante

Becca's Top 10