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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

We came, we played, we wondered.

Is this real?

Curious about the level maps in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater™ video game, we decided to take a digital trip around the United States to see the spots that inspired it all.

Skate Park

Chicago, Illinois

An indoor skatepark that in the re-release is now based on the House of Vans gives this level a rating of Real Now.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Though the map is entirely made up, Midwest-heads might notice the Metrodome on the horizon, giving this level a rating of Mostly Fake.


New York City, New York

Sorry ya'll, there isn't a mall in NYC that looked this bonkers. This level is rated Fake.

Downhill Jam

Phoenix, Arizona

Based on the Hoover Dam near Vegas, bridging the span over the Colorado River. Rating this one Real-ish.


Woodland Hills, California

Neversoft headquarters was located in Woodland Hills when the game was released, so theoretically this map is based on that zone but this level is Fake.


Roswell, New Mexico

Based on the military bases where the 1947 UFO crashes outside Roswell were investigated in secret, so better rate this one The truth is out there.


Portland, Oregon

An actual skate park under the Burnside bridge. It doesn't look exactly the same down to the details but this level is definitely Real.


Miami, Florida

Nothing more to say here really, just wanted to add a photo of this school in Miami because it looks nice and warm but this level is Fake.


San Francisco, California

This map is loaded with places worth visiting in real life, like the wild Vaillancourt Fountain. This level is rated Real.