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A Sonic Legacy Mix by ADAB
A Sonic Legacy Mix by ADAB

When thinking about Afrofuturism, I think it's important to make sure that it stands as a recognition of prospective black futures as well as the black artists that presently evoke that path to tomorrow.

The latter is the focus of this mix as most of it shines a light on the younger side of the black techno community at present. There's a few older techno gems from heads like FBK, Shawn Rudiman, Bolz Bolz and DJ Slip sprinkled in but a good few of the tracks are from the Haus of Altr compilations & affiliated projects that came out over the course of 2020.

The pandemic plus mass unrest over the murders of Aumad Aubery, George floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others had became a constant source of community tension so each compilation or individual tape from the NYC label curated by MoMA Ready & AceMo stood as a very specific declaration exclaiming that black voices in dance music, and the world at large, won't be silenced within their own sonic legacy. That is nothing short of afrofuturistic...


Delian League - Spectral Rewind
Kush Jones - Doppler
Bolz Bolz
- The Ultimate Remix
- Chemistry
Shawn Rudiman
- Workin'
DJ Slip
- Untitled
- Vertical Disintegration
MoMA Read
y - A New York Odyssey
Black On
e - Digital Percussion Part 2
Escaflowne - The Blenda
FBK - Rollin on a 6/4
James Bangura
- Black Lazarus (Tunnel Trip Version)
MoMa Ready
- The High Cost of Living
AceMo - Heaven (2020 Mix)

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