Transmissions | Varyer


Se Young Au bridges worlds by exploring the through-lines and intersections of multi-sensory experiences

The Ways in Which to Reach You ➺

Se Young Au explores and transcends the dehumanizing limitations of incarceration, and recalls the comforts of sensory relief as a practice of escapism.

"There’s comfort in the practice of this act and understanding that bridging of realms is indeed possible. It’s the externalization of the awareness of multiple levels of reality in which we continue to exist. Acknowledging these tenets is what distinguishes the mundane from the habitual and transforms the sacredness of ritual for me. Ephemeral, lingering smoke of what once was can quickly enter our consciousness again and we are forced to confront it; unlike physical objects, scent cannot be necessarily confined and kept out of sight."

Scenting the Multiverse➺

In Volume 4 of Transmissions, Se Young Au connects a recent viewing of Return To Seoul to her own deeply personal experience as an adopted Korean person.

"As an adopted person, we often feel beholden to uphold binaries of our stories - be thankful, be good, be sad, or expect to be devastated. I feel like where this film really succeeded was not asking us, 'Where are you from' (the perennial question that all adopted people are continually confronted with) but rather, 'How have you become?'"

Seeds of Transference ➺

"Many people throughout history have had to unwillingly leave their homes. But the nature of displacement as we understand it has changed in an increasingly connected world. It might be possible to translate cultures across physical borders, carry on traditions, or find old communities in a new place, But the essence of home can still be elusive, even haunting, and that chasm can be devastating. Our senses are the key to access touchpoints in our lives and evoke both the tangible and cursory that are no longer within our physical reach."

Transmissions, Vol. 1 ➺

In the first volume of Transmissions, multisensory artist Se Young Au explores the connection between memory and scent and how we can further our awareness and knowledge of the senses to become fully immersed in the complexities of life.