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Bizcard Batch pt. 1
By Jeremiah Shalo

By Jeremiah Shalo

Welcome to the very first Bizcard Batch.

This is a series dedicated to my ever-expanding collection of business cards. The good, the bad, and the others. Many people think that business cards are archaic and outdated. They say, "Why not just look the person/business up online? Paper is pointless. We're in a digital age." This can be true BUT the physical form that is a business card, be it an odd shape with texture or simple rectangle, holds value in its ephemeral nature and impact it can have on a person when it is visually stimulating (or not). It's just a canvas for artists and non-artists to connect with others. While some people trash them, I batch 'em.

In the near future I will set up a P.O. box and people can send in theirs or interesting ones they've found so they can be added to our growing archive of bizcards.

More Soon .... More Soon ....