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Designer Beats
What we're listening to
Designer Beats
What we’re listening to

We really care about music We really care about music

As a portal into the personal taste of the design team at Varyer, we offer what we're listening to, a casual, listenable snapshot of time from one, some, or all of us.

Tracklist art by Jeremiah Shalo

K51 is a mix of R&B, hip hop, and electronic with a nice chunk of funk. It has some solid mixed 'n' mashed moments that'll make your body bob. — Jeremiah Shalo

Tracklist art by Becca Christman

'Living room music' is music you should listen to in your living room, preferably while lying prostrate on a slightly uncomfortable sofa. — Becca Christman

Tracklist art by Bianca Albino

A mix of upbeat dancy music with a touch of Brazilian melancholy. It's okay to tear up while twerking. — Bianca Albino

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