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Tiny Toilets

A collection of miniature facilities

When we visited the home studio of textile artist Peter Frederiksen, we were delighted and impressed by his shelves filled with humourous tchotchkes, particularly a well-tended trove of bathroom-related miniatures. Here are the details of this spicy collection and how they came to be.

Above and lead photo by Ryan Ohm

"I can’t see a toilet-shaped anything without buying it."

Tiny Toilet

This was the first one. My friend Dylan gave it to me for…something? It lived in my bathroom on the tank of the toilet next to a fake poop for years. It’s the only metal one, and I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t lost it over the years - it may have been a charm on a bracelet at some point, as a point of reference for sizing.


This was the second, which really made it a collection. I was at Target with my wife, Annie, around the holidays and saw it and said to myself, “That’s not an ornament, that’s the beginning of a stupid fixation.” When I kept it out beyond the holiday season, she told me, “Just put it in your office.” I love the little pine tree air freshener, and also the corrugated metal roofing. I also like that it immediately opened my mind to toilets that aren’t just tank and bowl, ya know?

Pink Toilet

I got this dollhouse toilet at an antique shop somewhere with Annie. This was before I was really ready to announce to the world that I was starting a miniature toilet collection and she was just like “why.” and I laughed and didn’t answer. The lid AND the seat on this one move! A little bald eagle sits in the bowl and I honestly don’t know when that started, but he’s always peeking out.

Toilet Mug

The largest by a lot. My friend Andrea got this for me, and I have absolutely used it for coffee. If I had to guess, I’d say she got it at a Spencer's Gifts.

Salt Toilet

Also from Andrea. The first of them to be salt or pepper shakers, which is now the majority! I love the single hole in the bowl (which makes me think this was for pepper)—also the black seat and lid.


There was a little stretch where Andrea got me a lot of toilet stuff, which, bless her. This is the only urinal! Again, glad that the first outhouse broke the seal on not being strict on this collection being toilets-only because I love this little guy. The grey on the handle and the little urinal cake are just so cute.

Green Outhouse

Found this salt shaker in a case at an antique shop in… Missouri? I’ve since seen a few of them and had to draw a line in the sand and say that I probably shouldn’t have multiples of the same toilet (unless they’re a set). Similarly, this guy came with a little magazine partner for pepper, and while I got the gag, I didn’t feel that it fit into the collection. Look at the wood grain detailing, tho! Beautiful.

Large Dented Toilet

This is from Etsy! I had this in my cart for like fucking months. It’s definitely just handmade and is easily the most-expensive toilet that I’ve got (~$45). I just think it’s stunning. The detail on the tank cover and the flat little handle?? The way that the bowl just goes straight down but also has that dent in it?? Modern, lovely. It’s very likely my favorite.

Fulla P/Fulla S

My first pair! Got these at this antique shop in middle Illinois that looked like a log cabin. They had two pairs of outhouses that said something similar, but the others were cheap and hideous and said “Ma is fulla P, Pa is fulla S” which I hated. Don’t assign spices/waste to parental roles! When I bought these, I told the store owner “I can’t see a toilet-shaped anything without buying it,” and he just didn’t respond.

Knit Toilet

Maybe the most appropriate for me—another Etsy find! How adorable is the little handle or the color of the water in the bowl? I love this little guy so much. It makes me want to knit.

Monster Toilet

I had this toy growing up, a The Real Ghostbusters animated series toy of a toilet…ghost? Just looked it up and it was called “Fearsome Flush.” It’s essentially this. It would look like a toilet and you’d lift the lid (I remember this toilet being MUCH larger than the action figures, never something that the Real Ghostbusters would be able to use as a toilet) and a tongue and teeth would pop out. I went looking for one (found plenty, but still haven’t bought one) and found this lil guy instead. It’s a D&D figure? Not sure how a spooky toilet factors into D&D but I love the little teeth and the size - he’s the second-smallest! This is too much information for this toilet. I bought it online.

White Toilet

Another pair, but the mate to this was a tub. Both were made for “Megan” by “Grandmom Hesterman” on March 13, 1992, as etched into the bottom of the tub. The definition on the tank lid and the handle are lovely here. I think I like these obviously handmade ones the most. They’re for dollhouses, I’m sure. Just thinking about Grandmom Hesterman carving the little hole out of the toilet bowl for authenticity puts a genuine smile on my face. Craft lives.

Ladies Full of P/Ladies Full of S

I mean, holy shit. I love these. There’s very little about these that I don’t love. The wood grain underglaze, the eyes on the ladies, the lettering. It’ll be hard to justify buying another set of outhouse salt and pepper shakers - I’ve reached the summit already.

Your’n Mine

Two shakers forming one toilet, a dream. The handle on “mine” looking like an italicized exclamation point. The PUN. This was made for me.