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Ode to Pink and Green
Colors of Love
Ode to Pink and Green
Colors of Love

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My mom used to always say pink and green are the colors of love.

I don't know why, but my guess is that green is the color of the heart chakra and pink probably reminds her of Valentine’s Day.

February is a dark month—prickled with one day of roses and kisses, and then we’re back to winter. But, the beginning of March carries the promise of rebirth, of change, of the spring that's to come, which is appropriately also green and pink (if we imagine new sprouts and budding flowers:)

Personally, these winter months have presented challenges that are not always easy and joyful. In the spirit of pink and green, I’ve found myself trying to center on love and change. That love is change.

And in this learning—very un-seriously, but also very seriously—I’ve found myself listening to albums by women that lend themselves to singing in the car and dancing in the living room. Call me corny! It’s ok! Let it be the salve to lovingly move this long winter into spring.

To pink and green, love and change.

🥝🌷🎀💚🍉 🥝🌷🎀💚🍉

The unofficial, anthemic albums of this alive color combo: