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“Curating isn’t undemocratic or elitist—a term that is now used so often that it has become meaningless. It’s an act of generosity. You’re sharing what you love and what has inspired you.”

-M. Scorcese

Varyer is an integrated creative studio and brand advisory. Devoted to discovery, we inspire ourselves through the pursuit of inspiring others.

Through the application of creative process cultivated from our founders' 20 plus years in the industry, our team centers work on building brand relationships that marry aspiration with sustainable growth.

As a direct response to changing agency models, we trade outmoded traditions for flexible methodologies.


Composed of creative directors, art directors, producers, designers, digital marketers, strategists, writers and collaborators, our nimble team defines Varyer's shared vision. Work we create represents a diversity of experience across disciplines and industries, and combined skill-sets provide us with broad expertise. Built on a bedrock of trust, our brand has attracted an intrinsically aligned team as its catalyst. Learn more about the squad here.

Our Values ↓ Our Values ↓ Our Values ↓ Our Values ↓

Driven by ethos, our work is a tangible expression of shared spirit.


Our pursuit of knowledge through exploration is never-ending.


Making connections is ingrained in our practice. We are deeply embedded in a world-class network of creatives and actively cultivate opportunities within it.


As the origin of our namesake, we seek varied work to expand our boundaries.


Our attitude reflects our beliefs. We work towards positive outcomes and embrace humor wholeheartedly.

Working in tandem

At the heart of our work is the idea of co-creation. It is a form of collaborative innovation; we share ideas and improve them together with our clients. In many cases we create a merged team, drawing from each respective area of expertise to work as one unified group to meet objectives. We create transparency through processes specifically designed for each partnership, regardless of size or type.

Experiential ↓ Culture ↓ Experiential ↓ Culture ↓

We are part of a large network of creators that serve as architects of emerging culture; both in our city of Chicago and around the globe. Activating this community allows us to design experiences that add value and inspiration to our world through deep connections with organically allied organizations. Our curatorial ventures bring like-minded people together; where they should be.

Events & Experiences

Through our fresh creative direction, we design visual identities and systems that are innovative and aware of global trends. We focus on the intrinsic links between artists and intent. We specialize in programming that is current and timely; capturing and reflecting the core values of the environments we build. Our sponsorship development establishes partnerships that result in memorable brand activations with positive outcomes. Our previous work in global event curation and management propels us to take on new opportunities in this vertical when goals naturally align with ours.

Cultural Network Activation

Ideas are born of interchanges between creative minds. Tapping into our network of cultural pioneers allows us to have eyes and ears on emergent market trends, platforms, and strategies of influence. We engage with this community to create expanded areas of consultation expertise, and, when necessary, to augment and create a hybrid team for your project needs. We know when to lean out and where to find the right people to bring in.

Music Supervision

Sometimes a project requires music to further its storytelling, eliciting a specific emotional response. We provide strategic oversight and budgeting consultations that help you with all aspects of music supervision: sourcing and song selection, clearance and licensing, and acquisition of original productions for visual media.

We're great in real time 🤙 We're great in real time 🤙

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