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Beauty where you belong
Revitalizing a legacy of experience-driven care

Since 1977, Tricoci has been a leader in the personal care space, transforming from a salon and spa to an innovative, experience-driven haven for tastemakers seeking the best in beauty and wellness. Purveyors of rest and rejuvenation need their own refresh too; we contemporized the identity with an updated brand personality, a renewed focus on the right audience, culturally relevant content and communication strategies, and a visual makeover that brings forward the ease and sophistication of the brand's core offerings.

Tricoci – Chicago

Rather than working from a blueprint for strategic brand identity work, we drew upon an in-depth discovery and experience-driven background to craft a unique, deliberate process to create a holistic identity capable of standing the test of time.

Starting with a renewed Mission, Vision, and Values - tethered to the brand's legacy - this agnostic approach creates a brand personality for Tricoci to express in ways that reflect its core audience. Shifting the lens from a 'woman with hair' to a 'woman with a life', the new system creates the flexibility to change and grow — expressing evolution, seasons, and the constantly shifting world around us.

Impressionist Scenes of Everyday Life

Tricoci’s colors draw from nature, lived experiences, memories, and the colors of film photography. Half of the new brand colors fall into the “traditional” spa/salon palette—neutrals and serene shades of clay, pink, and brown—while the other half are edgier, with a younger bend—bold, unexpected shades that still read as luxurious and inviting.

The unobtrusive and elegant Inferi typeface allows the salon experience depicted in colors and photographs to take center stage. Sophisticated and gestural, there are a multitude of visual options and directions—one seasonal campaign can rely heavily on large photography moments with elegant text overlaid, and the next can utilize edgy typography and bright colors—all while fitting within the same visual ecosystem. Area as a supporting type brings consistency and legibility to complex or seasonal campaigns.