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Experience is everything; HomePass transforms the expectations of the modern smart home.

Plume created HomePass, an adaptive smart home networking system, as their flagship consumer product. To serve both new customers and current members, the new e-commerce website combines strict technical requirements with a direct, benefit-based user journey.


Headquartered in Palo Alto, California

HomePass is the full package for a well-connected home.

Cloud-powered hardware pairs with an intuitive mobile app to become a full suite of smart home tools. The vibrancy of connection resonates throughout the website design with its smooth animations, subtle movements, and bright gradients. This creates a sense of comfort within a sometimes stark, isolating digital landscape.

Each site page that explains how HomePass works is accompanied by an expressive animation

CONTROL Full Access Management

ADAPT Flawless WiFi Connectivity

GUARD Digital Security

Co-creation at its finest.

Varyer worked collaboratively with Plume to architect, write, and design the HomePass e-commerce website. Strategic incorporation of user personas and journey were tied to technical SEO needs, analytics, and lead capture. Tone and voice were refined, ensuring accessibility and retention for each individual audience.

HomePass site homepage wireframe evolution

HomePass checkout experience

A solution-focused approach.

Prompting users to consider how their current networking tools could serve them better, HomePass provides direct responses to user frustrations garnered from audience research. This is furthered by the addition of an interactive guide and shop configuration tool that personalizes your order. Both provide key information on core product attributes and serve as a lead capture tool for marketing efforts that extend to and out from the website.

Family-oriented social media campaign

Movement invites exploration.

Moving imagery and simplified forms work in harmony to create approachable, contemporary branding for HomePass. Through rich lifestyle imagery with animation and tangible spirit, the implementation of chosen photography and video make the website feel alive. HomePass uses the comfortable sans typeface, Wigrum. The use of varied weights allows for maximum legibility while retaining its playful nature. The bright color palette is the direct inverse of its strictly business-to-business website counterpart.

Iconography utilizing elegant linework reflective of