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Asrai Garden

Exploring our shared vision of expertly crafted environments

As a long-standing retail outpost in Chicago, Asrai Garden is a staple of provocatively beautiful provisions. Thoughtful curation is evident in all its facets—from meticulously selected collections of artisan fine jewelry and home goods to its definitive floral designs.

We joined our studio with Asrai Garden to form an ongoing partnership. This allows for continual brand evolution, and creates support structures for successful scaling.

Asrai Garden – Chicago
Shop Locations

West Loop & Wicker Park

Asrai shop interior

Mutual admiration for creative exploration

Working together with Asrai Garden exemplifies our commitment to meaningful relationships. As a long-standing retail outpost in Chicago, Asrai Garden is a staple of provocatively beautiful provisions which are evident in all its facets—from the meticulously selected artisan collections of fine jewelry and luxury home goods to its definitive floral design.

A home in West Loop

Our partnership began in 2018 and was born of complementary needs. For Varyer, a home base for our budding company and for Asrai Garden, a second retail location as it had long outgrown its first on North Ave. in the heart of Chicago's Wicker Park. What transpired between our two businesses is an exchange of ideas, inspiration, and artistry evident in every corner of the West Loop shop.

Interior of Asrai's Wicker Park location

Signage at the entrance to the West Loop location

Consistency in execution

On the front-end, we bring a refined sense of consistency to Asrai Garden’s brand identity and visual language through tightened logotype and iconography. Behind the scenes we’re crafting a unified voice through content production and cross platform digital marketing. In just two short years of working together, we’ve helped establish internal organizational processes, created and maintained a new webshop, and executed multi-venue event production with fulfilled sponsorship and charitable local donations.

Bringing beauty into daily life by celebrating the meaningful connections between what we see and what we feel.

Elizabeth Cronin, Founder

Together, forever

This shared purpose drives us forward and imbues everything we make with intention. From multi-location events to protests signs to the constantly rotating publication wall we dutifully curate and stock; we share everything.

Gin made in collaboration with FEW distillery

Custom wallpaper designed and printed, with illustrations by Cloey Zikmund

Stills from our collaborative photoshoot for Asrai Garden Holiday 2020

Turn us toward the sun

Like any living thing, our relationship with Asrai Garden is ever-evolving. With joint roots deeply embedded in Chicago, we continue to chart our growth here; together deciding the right time for us to propagate and one day, re-pot.