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Welcome to varyer.com

It’s human nature to desire an identity. These days we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to manage the perception of who we are, and we spend quite a bit of our time discussing, through endless channels, how we perceive others. But perception is irrelevant—at our fundamental core, we just want to be whoever we want to be.

We spend our lives experimenting with our own identities. We try things out, we see what works. Sometimes it takes a lot of creativity, and most of the time it takes a lot of courage. And we protect this, because we’ve worked hard for it. Learning that those things will always change is part of this process, and constant change is part of ourselves too.

Varyer started just a few years ago and we’ve done a lot of work, as individuals and as a group, to know ourselves better. As our core business function, we’ve helped brands know their own identities, and how those traits resonate and mean something to their audience and communities. But what about our identity, as Varyer? Since the beginning, our approach has been to let ourselves live in a constant state of flow and curiosity, finding our truth as best we can, and trusting that our characteristics will materialize in something that feels more tangible the longer we chip away at it.

And so, here we are, in digital form: a platform for discovery, to keep ourselves inspired in the pursuit of inspiring others. We wanted to create a place that held endless possibilities, more or less defined by the acknowledgment that we are always in the midst of life’s intersecting transitions. We’ll be posting on behalf of ourselves and our friends—features on artistic breakthroughs and hidden obsessions, Google docs of recommendations that get updated over time, playlists of the music that’s keeping us going, windows into our creative practice and process, and whatever else feels important.

Today we’re also launching our online shop. It’s another way for us to support the inspiring work of others, and to present an offering of creative tools and references that we’re into right now. On our own or through collaborations with kindred spirits, we’re also building our own products, which we’ll be dropping in short intervals as we go.

Deep down we know that in order to understand each other, we have to try and figure out ourselves first. We have a ways to go, we always will, but we wanted to welcome you to the early days of us exposing our ongoing journey—thanks for visiting varyer.com.