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The Var Side

A yearlong illustration project that explores the unique feeling of each month.

There's nothing quite like the deep nostalgia of reading the Sunday comics as a child. Something about the predictable cadence of time passing—and, of course, the delight in art and illustration—made for a unique kind of pleasure.

We're chasing that youthful high with a yearlong comics project with some of our favorite illustrators. At the start of each month, a new artist will share their interpretation of that month's distinct feeling. Like the turning of a calendar, each comic will be sent out in V—Mail, our email newsletter, and posted to this page. We hope you'll join us on the visual journey through 2023.

January—Lenworth "Joonbug" McIntosh

Lenworth “Joonbug” McIntosh is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. His Jamaican roots loom large throughout his work and find reflection across his creative wheelhouse, which includes illustration, design, painting, and analog photography. An avid collector of images, Lenworth considers the process of curation an integral exercise in his practice. Across mediums, his work is narrative-driven, seeking to capture some emotive moment in the long string of moments that make a life.

You can bring his work home and have some fun with his new puzzle 'Field Day' from Le Puzz.

Little Big Plans

"I wanted to focus on the anticipation of having a better upcoming year. For some of us, it can be a mixed bag of feelings. We try to plan it out, creating a list of resolutions. These can range, but I think it's natural to have some idea going into January knowing how the rest of the year could look."