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Ready-to-ink sheets from a few of our favorite illustrators

Since we've been stabbing our skin with permanent markings since about 3370BC, we decided to make our own indelible mark on history with an ongoing collection of tattoo flash sheets. Each sheet is drawn by a different illustrator, just for us. Over time we'll have a gallery of ideas for you to use to mark the passage of time on your (or your friends') body, or just to look at for fun. Both are cool with us.

Kirsten Southwell

An illustrated sheet of flash tattoos, including a strawberry, fairy, and frog.

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Kirsten Southwell is a designer, artist, and modern girl currently based in Chicago. She is passionate about birds, rocks, prairie landscapes, and using read receipts. You can see her work at www.kirsten.work or on Instagram, @kirstenwursten.

First tattoo and/or best tattoo?

When I was 18 I got the phrase “I Am A Rock” in reference to the song by Simon and Garfunkel tattooed on my ribs in a ‘custom font’. It looks like absolute shit. My best tattoo is a grim reaper in a pin-up pose done by Chicago artist Natasha Bertram.

You’re a reporter- what’s the headline for today’s news story about you?

Local woman who is ‘on one’ wondering who has a crush on her, just curious.

Tell us about a psychic experience you had.

I went to Cassadaga, FL last summer specifically to see a medium. All things considered she wasn’t a great medium (she seemed to think I still worked on ‘ticker tape’ and told me my grandma thinks I should drink more water), but got one detail extremely right. At the time, I was working at the Art Institute of Chicago but planning my exit over the working conditions for me, my peers, and my staff. She was mostly mumbling through our reading, but clear as day predicted “The museum is going to unionize”. Two months later, the museum staff announced their unionization campaign and did end up winning representation in January 2022 as foretold :’ )


Ryan Duggan

An illustrated sheet of flash tattoos, including a dog, duck, peanut, and rose.

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Ryan Duggan is an illustrator, designer, and printmaker based in Chicago where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth (also a printer), and their dog, Patty (no interest in art).

First Tattoo and/or best tattoo?

I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday and it is a TV set that says "Why use your mind?" on the screen because I was very profound and cool when I was 18.

Are there any hobbies you’ve admired but yet to try?

I've always wanted to try ceramics, it seems fun!

My personal nightmare is…

This country continues to be run into a ditch by out-of-touch rich, old, white people.


Charlotte Croy Hudson

An illustrated sheet of flash tattoos, including an angel, a two-headed dog, and cherries.

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Charlotte Croy Hudson is an illustrator coming from a design background. She likes to work with battling ideas to produce works with a strong but subtle narrative.

My idea of a feast would include…

A view, a raw bar and live music. A gorgeous table setting featuring real fruit that guests are encouraged to eat between courses as a palate cleanser. Espresso shots and digestifs are served 3/4 of the way through so we don’t get drowsy, we’re there for a long time. Surprise me with the food, be adventurous, varieties of bread are on the table for the picky eaters.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Not as a full on apparition, but I’m a sensitive person and have lived in a number of very old towns/houses in New England and the South, so I’ve definitely come into contact with a few here and there. Nothing too notable though, usually just an acknowledgment of their existence is what I give, I don’t really know what else to do.

You have the supernatural ability to dispense one different condiment from each one of your fingers, which five condiments do you choose?

Tapatio, soy sauce, olive oil, sambal, a spicy german mustard like Lowensenf


Sara Wong

An illustrated sheet of flash tattoos, including a bra, interlocking hands, and people in various positions.

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Sara Wong is an illustrator in Charm City with a big stubborn dog and more plants than she can handle, currently art directing at Facebook. She is obsessed with teasing out and amplifying the emotional undertones of stories big and small but she’s a real sucker for bleak tearjerkers. DM her your worst breakup stories.

Tell us about your favorite coat.

It's a very old, very puffy, red Eddie Bauer jacket that my dad passed down to me. It's older than I am and has a decent amount of character AKA permanent stains but it's what I wear if it gets below 50 degrees.

Have you ever rescued anything/one?

Yes. I was walking my dog when we came across what looked to be a very rare, very unique type of mouse sitting stunned on the sidewalk. I scooped him up and drove him 20 min to the nearest wildlife center, riding shotgun in my shirt pocket, only to receive a follow up call later that day that 1) he had died, 2) he was a common rat.

You have the supernatural ability to dispense one different condiment from each one of your fingers, which five condiments do you choose?

Guacamole and 4 fingers worth of the inimitable "Secret Sauce" from SoCal chain Board & Brew.