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A colorful mix of inky-looking liquid.

Mold School

Daria Fedorova creates miniature microbiological worlds

Daria Fedorova, who also works under the name Dasha Plesen, creates incredible landscapes of texture and color—all within the boundaries of a petri dish.

Her Instagram is full of vivid displays of natural growth interspersed with human intervention: glitter, lettering, and sprinkles artfully mingle with mold.

A petri dish full of blue, purple, pink, and greenish mold and liquid.
An illustration of a caterpillar.
A petri dish full of turquoise, blue, and pink molds.
A petri dish full of fuzzy greenish molds.
An illustration of eggs.
A petri dish full of blue liquid and fuzzy greenish molds.
A petri dish full of veiny pink and yellow mold.
A golden illustration of a moth.
A petri dish full of red liquid and greenish molds.

Fedorova's stunning mold work is the visual feature of our Varyer + Daria Fedorova 2023 Astrological Calendar.

Inspired by the organic processes highlighted in Fedorova's work, we've created a calendar for the year ahead that includes key astrological events.

Limited edition of 50. Available now in the Varyer Shop.