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Can’t sit still life

We never stop toiling with new forms of consciousness. When we are young our opportunities are limited. We walk around the world wide-eyed, eager to investigate anything and everything. This small experiment pays homage to those first moments spent exploring that truly fucked up feeling we all know so well; spinning around and around and around and around.

What happens to a still life when you turn in a circle for a progressive amount of spins, and redraw it? It doesn’t require much thought. The plan reveals itself as simple enough, providing that you are willing to subject yourself to potential nausea.

🌚 An assumption.

The drawings will get worse over time. It will become harder to draw and therefore the drawing will degrade.

Arrange your objects. Set your table with something to draw on, leaving yourself as many sheets as rounds you’d like to attempt. Set out something to draw with, and a timer. This experiment used three minutes per round. This provided a few moments to regain some sense of bearing but not enough to fully cease the room moving. It is advisable to lay out your supplies prior to beginning, as you might expect it becomes harder over time to locate them.

round and round we go round and round we go

Zero Spins

Uptight. Trying to capture as many details as possible. All objects accounted for with the exception of the bread tag, which mysteriously disappears from the still life drawings from the second they begin.

5 Spins

A slight zoom has occurred. Not much has changed with regards to approach. A rather uneventful drawing.

①❺ Spins

Framing remains similar to the last round. Flowerpot slims, plant leaves simplify. Arguably, scale improves on the right portion of the drawing but the left side suffers.


My, that is one smooth lemon. Shading has become lines only in this version. This round was accompanied by bemoaning the entire idea in the first place.

5º Spins

Recognizing the sheets of paper are starting to dwindle, the ante is upped to ever-more spins. The zoom has come back, it's as if the idea of fitting the entire scene on one sheet of paper has completely left the brain.


A singular focus has occurred as a coping mechanism, fill in the flower pot as dark as you can. It will save the rest of the drawing from failing. The plant shapes are quite nice, though!

1 ◘ ◌ Spins

The final set is full of regrets, but the final product is not what was expected. Instead of a poorly rendered still life, the lines are smooth and purposeful, loose, and flowing. Far more interesting than the first drawing, albeit missing pieces altogether: a plant floats in midair. Arguably a more interesting composition with confidence lacking in many others.

Final Thoughts ... Final Thoughts ...

Hypothesis incorrect, experiment not worth repeating.

Inertia is a harsh mistress, being dizzy isn't as fun when you're over 12. Failed to take into account the acuity collected from drawing the same scene over and over. Noted.