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You Think Just Because You’re Big, You’re Right
By Jazz Robinson
A large adult pinches a child's shirt and holds them aloft.

By Jazz Robinson

A child wears a mask of an adult man.

In this children's book for adults, Albert Cullum, and co. illustrate the frustrating and inconsistent behavior displayed by adults. It serves as a reminder to the mature to carry the memories of being misunderstood along with wistful nostalgia.

A page from a book.
Pages from a book with text on one side and guns shooting from the mouths of two adults on the other.

Artist: Jean-Michel Nicollet

A collaged illustration of arrows, babies, and adult faces.

Artist: Gralyn Holmstrom

They're always asking me what do I think.
What do I think about school. And my teacher.
And my new baby brother.
And God!
What do I know about God?
If only they wouldn't ask me so many questions!
Sometimes I don't know what I think.

Two pages from a book, one with text and the other with two children implicitly removing their clothing.

Artist: Tina Mercie

An illustration of a child cutting off a woman's tongue.

Artist: Henri Galeron

They're going out again.
And I have to stay here with that old bag.
I have to hear about
how her children don't write.
And all about her sore eyes again.
They have a good time when they go out.
But I don't.

Two pages of a book, one with text and the other with clothes scattered by a sofa.

Artist: Catherine Loeb

My mother said it was disgusting. My mother said it was disgusting.

Two pages of a book, one with text and the other with a mother whose face is a butt chastising a child.

Artist: Henri Galeron

An illustration of a man sucking up a baby with a vacuum.

Artist: Jacques Rozier

Dad, listen!
I tried not to drop any crumbs today,
and I put away all my toys.
Yeah dad, I know!
I know that "cleanliness is next to godliness!"
But you act like just because I'm a kid, I'm dirty!

A collaged photo of a child isolated from a group of other children.

Artist: Dan Long

My momma was real happy
that I was invited this year,
and she even bought me a new party dress.
But I don't think Patricia's momma liked my dress.
She didn't remember inviting me,
and she kept forgetting my name.

Text that reads "Dedicated to all of those grownups who still remember."