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The Holiday Crossword

This holiday season, think inside the box. <3 The Varyers

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2. This fruit juice can be fermented into wine and contributed to the Juice Wars of the 1950s

6. The psychology concept of Mikhaly Csikszentmihalyi is responsible for

9. This Chicago-born painter created the portrait for the Oscar-winning movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s 1891 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray

10. Cyril Zangs' French cider eau de vie is called Double _____.

12. A Chicago southside suburb that features mid-century modern gems

13. Chicago's motto

15. The best way to communicate according to Varyer contributor: Molly Butterfoss

18. New series Cheek to Cheek will feature 365 illustrations of this

19. Damiane Nickles favorite type of plant

20. A name for a baby goat

23. A common name for the area of a nursing home for residents with dementia

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1. This item acts as its own container

3. One could argue (and has) that this is a perfect food

4. Donald Post has been dubbed by many as the godfather of this holiday

5. A type of aquatic fairy that lives in seas and lakes

7. One of the easiest carved ice animals to make

8. An ancient practice of seasonal rotational grazing

11. This musical group has 1.3 million hours of recorded music available

14. This drink category originated as medical tonics that stimulate the organs and improve circulation

17. Playlist created by Paige Hanserd features music of the ____ of Memphis Rap

21. The word we consider the namesake of Varyer

22. A weekly digest of musings and inspiration to ward off the Sunday Scaries

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