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Evil Geniuses

Live evil, think free.
Adapt and evolve

As the world’s leading esports and entertainment organization, Evil Geniuses needed an evolved brand identity and strategy that highlighted their values-led approach and amplified their desire to disrupt and challenge conventions—defining the esports ecosystem’s future.

We applied industry research, trend forecasting, and a unifying brand ethos to craft distinct identities for each vertical within the organization—the parent company, esports, and in-house creator studio. Coupled with progressive communication strategies, we equipped Evil Geniuses with tools for setting the benchmark for excellence beyond gaming.

Pulling back the curtain on the geniuses

From the start of our research, it was clear that Evil Geniuses is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a multi-faceted, next-generation entertainment company, and that was the story begging to be told. Considering the company’s position as a rapidly evolving gaming brand backed by a 20-year legacy and an influential studio of creators, the goal was to build a system where values remain not only at the forefront, but are a bulletproof differentiator to create a sustainable future for the brand's identity.

Our collective commitment utilized the brand’s established influence, infrastructure, and passion to generate a visual library and communication strategy that attracts the most loyal followers. Approaching this work collaboratively helped us forge an identity that remains true to the brand’s origins while allowing them to adapt and evolve while pushing boundaries.

Our visual work subverted notions of what’s expected and what can be delivered, what can be broken and what can be rebuilt. By homing in on their key differentiators we created a visual system that embraced their legacy and commitment to innovation, especially when it comes to encouraging and investing in mixed-gender teams, LGBTQIA+ players, and the valorization of women leaders.

Plotting the path to the win

A clear and aspirational mission, pillars, and values embodied the brand's spirit and became key tenets of how to express its vision across distinct business operations.

E FOR EVIL - We apply our expertise with mischief, craftiness, and defiance

- The limitless reach for world domination; the Space Needle

- The paths we build to connect with each other and recruit other elite masterminds

G FOR GENIUSES - The root of our power is cunning, intellect, and proprietary tech

THE DAGGER - Our fierce attitude to fight and to win together

This Sharp wordmark plays with the different typographical elements of the Tartuffo font. It symbolizes unity among the diverse. Each letter has its own character, but they all meld together at some point, forming either sharp geometric moments or beautiful futuristic curves.

The Bold wordmark makes a statement of strength, communicating who we are and the bravery of our beliefs. It’s most suitable for esports applications where competition is key and instinct does away with artifice. Bold and stylish.

The brand's primary color palette was updated to present a brighter, forward force. Interface elements visually unified presentations, social media templates, and other means of brand communication. Seattle maps, landscapes, and landmarks add layers and texture that evoke the brand's origins.

Motivated by legacy, fueled by excellence

We established a Purpose alongside Content Goals and Communication Principles to create a powerful and consistent voice that amplifies Evil Geniuses' unique ability to identify, recruit, and develop promising players into world-class competitors. By focusing on innovation and flexibility, discrete design details and dramatic layers allow for constant evolution and experimentation, empowering their esports presence to push boundaries.

Evil Geniuses' bid for Valorant from Riot Games was our first in-use case of the brand's ability to win with values-driven alignment and clearly communicated competitive success. We created a compelling and holistic vision that secured the coveted spot by highlighting their shared advocacy for creating a more inclusive esports ecosystem with an immediate, responsive, and interactive site.

Thanks to the elevated redesign and quality production of our Valorant Partnership Program pitch, Evil Geniuses has secured a coveted partnership with Riot for the Americas International league.

Creator Collective

An inclusive community of creators who are obsessed with gaming in all formats, Creator Collective required an identity that reflected the diversity of its output. Rather than setting an expectation, we created a flexible system that embraces each creator as unique while leaving plenty of room for limitless possibilities.

Our hues include you.

The CC color palette extends through the entire spectrum, but with a gray undertone that connects it to the Pacific Northwest's misty climate. With every color rendered as a jewel tone, there’s something for everyone.

This is a quick guide for color combinations that have proved successful in the CC color range.