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Year-End Lists EXPOSED!

We dug deep in the vile trenches of Spotify to durge out some early warnings.

Looking forward to the barrage of year-end lists just around the corner? Neither are we!

Is this technically the first Best of 2021 list on the Internet? You bet your ass it is! Probably!

Tbh everyone can find a little solace trying to make sense of another disorienting year by reflecting on the greatest music to come from it. So in an effort to avoid the noise as we wind it down, we went on a quest to uncover these lists early – by way of the running new music playlists kept by “influential people” and “hangers on” who are “fans” of “music” and might plan to “write” about it. These playlists are comprehensive, unorganized, and the proverbial draft mode of what will ultimately end up edited down into a pretty little listicle, a cheat code to what we'll all be talking about with our Grandparents this holiday season. And while most of our music biz buddies keep these locked down in private mode, the following 13 angels have no interest in gatekeeping and let it all hang out – for you to triangulate together in what will ultimately go down as the best music of 2021.