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The Origin Collection

Available exclusively in the Varyer Shop

The Origin Collection we designed exclusively for our shop represents some of our favorite iconographies as a creative studio: emboldening instances where unexpected things meet.

The collection includes a bandana, two Nalgene water bottles, and a pair of shorts, designed by Becca Christman.

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Destruction and growth are two sides of the same coin, intrinsically linked, one non-existent without the other.

Design inspiration began with a meditation on the link between evolution and decay, and the reality of eventual (self) destruction that looms present in our modern epoch, but arguably within all instances of existential self-referentialism. What does it mean to be human? How did we get here? Where is it all going?

Stirred by imagery that embodied the dialectic between growth and decay, we explored the mix of negative and positive emotions associated with the cycle.

Recurring symbols and motifs include and drew inspiration from:

✦ Medieval star charts

✦ Art Nouveau

✦ Burning yourself with a match vs. Erasing a page

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