A Chemical Journey Through the Lathe Cut Realm | Varyer

A Oil Preparing Wastewater / Squanderings of High Groupings of Aliphatic, Sweet-Smelling Oil Hydrocarbons of Strange Soundings on Lathe Cuts, or:

“A Chemical Journey Through the Lathe Cut Realm: Tangled Ray’s Mind-Bending Exploration”

Prepare for an extraordinary voyage into the enigmatic and chemical-laden domain of lathe cut records. Tangled Ray, under the influence of a potent chemical compound with a molecular mass of 86.136 g/mol and the formula C4H10N2, delves into the dystopian landscapes of inter dimensional post-modernism. These records, infused with high concentrations of aliphatic and aromatic oil hydrocarbons, emit peculiar and captivating sonorous waves that resonate with an otherworldly allure.

The Grooves: Enigmatic Carvings of Chemical Origin:

Imagine, fellow seekers, that the grooves on a lathe cut record are akin to the intricate engravings left by a deranged artist from an alternate dimension. They engender a twisting, spiraling vortex that ensnares your senses, reminiscent of the kaleidoscopic hallucinations induced by piperazines. These grooves transcend traditional etchings and reliefs, metamorphosing sound into a visual tapestry that dances before your eyes, or rather, your ears, if one possesses the rare gift of trilateral audition.

Nate Young: The Alchemical Maestro:

Allow me to illuminate the vision of Nate Young, the mastermind behind this cosmic auditory expedition. Young has been consumed by an obsession to amalgamate sound and image since his youth as a cosmic voyager. His ingenuity knows no bounds, employing unorthodox methods such as engraving records onto ice-cream lids, which retain the faint fragrance of their original flavors. Picture yourself immersed in a symphony while being enveloped in the redolence of vanilla or strawberry—an overwhelming sensory fusion where music merges with the very essence of the universe.

John Olson: Spiritual Transcendence within the Cuts:

And then, there is John Olson, another sonic visionary hailing from the Wolf Eyes collective. Olson perceives each lathe cut as an opportunity for spiritual communion. Within these embossed cuts lies the potential for a cosmic ritual where the vibrations align one’s chakras, propelling them into uncharted dimensions of mystique. Granted, there may be incidental surface noise or locked grooves, but such imperfections form an integral part of the mystical journey. They emulate the crackling of the universe, whispering arcane secrets into your receptive ears, guiding you through ethereal realms, ultimately leading to a 5-dimensional space that is both desolate and commonplace, yet inverted and replete with horrors.

Cosmic Manipulation: Lathe Cuts as Chemical Instruments:

Hold on tightly, for we are about to descend even deeper into the abyss of space. Wolf Eyes has elevated the cosmic possibilities of lathe cuts to unparalleled heights. Crafting compositions exclusively for these hypnotic discs, they meticulously segment each instrument of a track, engraving them onto separate lathe cuts. This methodology transforms the lathe cutter into an otherworldly effects device—a transmitter of a novel yet archaic language. During playback, the sound is manipulated, transcending the boundaries of conventional music. It engenders a sonic plunge that unlocks portals to linguistic dimensions you never fathomed, perhaps never desired! What in the world have they unleashed?

Wolf Eyes: A Dystopian Sonic Art Project:

Allow me to impart a profound revelation to my fellow travelers of arcane sonics: Wolf Eyes surpasses the mere definition of a band. They represent a dystopian sonic art project, brimming with unbridled creativity and mind-altering visions. Over their 25-year career, they have birthed a colossal collection of limited edition releases, each one an intricate and unparalleled piece of the cosmic puzzle. It's like they're creating a grand sculpture or a series of mind-altering paintings, where each lathe cut record is a mangled expressionist tone on the fabric of the universe.


My fellow weirdos, grab your astral eye bands and dive headfirst into the mystical realm of lathe cut records. Let the grooves subtlety shake their way into your mind and transport you to the unknown planet dimensions beyond comprehension. Nate Young and John Olson of Wolf Eyes have forged a path through the Petrochemicals soundscapes, creating bacterial treatments of residual waste streams under anaerobic and/or aerobic conditions compositions that defy the laws of traditional music. It's an absurd journey, my friends, where the boundaries of sound and art dissolve, leaving us floating in recent works indicating that about 10% of the nitrous oxide contributions to the Pontiac sound atmospheres was from the world’s adipic acid plants, slightly more than the fraction contributed by biomass burning sea of auditory bliss of lathe cut records. You can do nothing but embrace the madness, embrace the absurdity, and let the lathe cut records guide you to a place where music and art merge into one wild and mind-expanding “music” produced by Young / Olson including ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, polystyrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene, benzene, toluene, and other byproducts of homespun Wolf Eyes sound. Stay inside this adventure, my friends!

—Tangled Ray, White Lake Michigan. Early Summer 2023.