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A small investigation of plant remedies

This is an alphabetical musing on a few of the plant helpers we keep in heavy rotation. It should be noted, we're not doctors. We just love the thrill of altering our physiology with nature.



With varying degrees of intensity, ashwagandha is on the higher side and is not for everyone. For many, it is instrumental in helping regulate immediate anxiety and stress, and stimulates the brain at the beginning of a day for an extra zip.

Adaptogens are basically herbal pharmaceuticals—plants that have grown to withstand extreme climates and persevere.



Known to help open the lungs and sinuses, astragalus is a Chinese herb that helps the whole respiratory system for deep breaths and longer bong rips.


e Shou Wou

A dash of he shou wou in a morning latte provides a clear, clean boost of energy that lasts throughout the day. As a bonus, it vastly improves your mood.



This anti-inflammatory is great for respiratory and gut issues. It can be a pretty intense flavor, so tea is a great option (like Throat Coat). You can always chew on a licorice stick (the actual stick) if you're more the oral fixation type.



Maca is a good entry level adaptogen. Heard it called nature's cocaine but that's a laugh because, well, cocaine is nature's cocaine, regardless it's fun to experiment with the brain and herbs. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it ends up making you... I guess libidinous is the professional word for horny.


regano Oil

Though it may make every single burp taste like thanksgiving dinner, at the first sight of a cold, pop 2 of these every few hours and oftentimes it will cease to show up. Maybe it's placebo, but there aren't conclusive human studies done to prove either way. It contains the compound carvacrol that's effective in fighting viruses, and shown to relieve pain which is probably why it makes those aches and sore throats less intense overall.


silocybin (Golden Teacher)

As a mental reset once or twice a year, Psilocybin can provide individuals with a sense of creativity and clarity that seems inaccessible on any sober plane. Take it to bond with people close to you, but try it alone for some personal time.


lower Essence

Not to get all hippy dippy but bear with for a moment. In modernity, we've rejected the notion that matter and consciousness are duly interwoven, and our science often works with the idea that human beings and bodies are machines in the industrial world. Flower essences are just one of the specific "better living through nature" ideas that emerged centuries ago—that the inherent cosmic laws of nature and all the patterns and energy within are expressed in a plant and can be introduced to the body and therefore mirrored in experience.

tl:dr flower essences can be used to infuse the properties of different flowers into your body in a multitude of ways, so check them out.



As another adaptogen, Schisandra is great for the treatment of stress. In combination with GABA it has the powerful ability to boost a low point, or even help people quit smoking.


weet Woodruff

Going a bit more hardcore, this plant was commonly given to people in the middle ages as a cure-all medicine. It helps heal cuts and bruises fast when applied topically, and when swallowed (in a tea, for instance) it is a powerful tonic, diuretic, and sedative. It works really well for treating cramps. Doesn't mix well with various pre-existing conditions so do your due diligence before trying this one.


ea Tree Oil

Just like cannabis, tea tree contains terpenoids. These specific terps create anti-fungal properties that are extremely helpful for keeping feet and toenails clean, smooth, and happy. Dab a little on pimples, or massage into the scalp to get rid of dandruff, too.



There's so much to love about turmeric; color, aromatics, taste. It's truly an overall dope root. Helpful for bronchial issues, as a quick fix for stuffy noses, or when there's sinus stuff going on. Mix Turmeric, Black Pepper (shoutout and honorable mention to Black Pepper, the king spice), and powdered Ginger into a tablespoon of local honey and eat it straight off the spoon. Clears out the airways with intense immediacy and all three start working their anti-inflammatory, bacteria-fighting magic while the honey makes it soothing going down.