Cheek to Cheek | Varyer




This series features daily illustrations by Bianca Albino, who, with her fierce work ethic and dedication to her craft, has committed to a full calendar year of designs. Hold onto your butts.

This is it. At the rear end of another eventful year I decided to out myself as a butt lover. Not sure if it's the general peaked interest for Brazilian butt lifts or seeing the imprint of my own assets on the couch after a long day of playing Sims 4, but I had to externalize the two hills I'm willing to die on: every butt is unique and all of them deserve to be shown to the world (through artistic mediums and in the presence of CONSENT. That's right, weirdos!).

Enjoy my take on butts that I've seen on TV or real life, thought about, dreamed of, guessed, imagined, butts that lingered or passed by quickly, simple and complex, big and small. No matter the owner, no butts left behind.