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Digital Marketing & Strategy Manager

Asrai Garden


The Digital Marketing Manager leads the day-to-day process of internal and external marketing initiatives and ongoing content and growth needs. This role focuses on work ranging from managing and developing content across all relevant platforms, social media and other emerging realms to developing creative solutions for client goals, business development and Asrai Garden’s internal marketing needs. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in social media, marketing, retail, and project management. This role reports to Asrai Garden’s leadership and its sister company Varyer’s principals.


  • Develop a comprehensive content plan and audience growth strategy for Asrai Garden

  • Work with the Creative Director and Assoc. Creative Director to produce engaging and strategic content related to Asrai Garden properties, focused on immersive brand-building and the replication of the brick & mortar AG experience.

  • Expand Asrai Garden’s profile across social media and other emerging platforms, developing and working with a strategic roadmap that allows for ongoing, measured success.

  • Manage the social media strategy for internal and external initiatives, with an understanding of AG’s voice, brand purpose, and overarching goals
    • Schedule posts ahead of time for review

    • Edit posts as needed

    • Provide updated content in response to changing, time-sensitive events

    • Integrate social media needs within the schedule to provide a balanced and focused media feed

    • Ensure social media is reflective of emerging topical subjects (as needed and approved), events and happenings, pertinent information, and anchor-content

  • Respond to social media comments, questions, and direct messages
    • When sensitive information is requested or required, know how to handle with care and alert others to step in and/or hand off as needed/appropriate

  • Work alongside the Creative Director in honing and expressing the Asrai brand through voice and aesthetic

  • Adhere to the Asrai Style Guide where applicable

  • Work with the Ecommerce Manager to manage the AG website and digital assets, ensuring best practices both from an e-comm standpoint as well as SEO + Marketing

  • Collaborate with team at Varyer and the Creative Director to ensure assets are approved and completed when needed

  • Manage brand marketing and materials, with a focus on market positioning and plausible creative-led concepts

  • Basic market and data research for concept proofing and testing creative-led concepts

  • Implementation of analytics and metrics to measure performance and set KPIs

  • Ideate and develop opportunities for Asrai’s new and existing clients, from new business verticals to unique one-off offerings

  • Work with finance/operations to align digital marketing budget and strategy when considering and executing concepts

  • Determine areas of improvement on social media and digital platforms

  • Identify and present new ways of engagement and make recommendations based on emerging trends and feedback

  • Initiate the discovery and command of new tools for brand expression and evolution

  • Documentation of concepts, materials, analytics, and learnings as an internal resource for future reference and growth

  • Contribute to the team by accomplishing related results as needed, and communicate across channels with the team for all Asrai needs, issues, wants, or planning

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Background in marketing, retail, e-commerce, creative agency, or another commercial-adjacent field working on challenging and innovative projects

  • Adaptive to changing environments and timelines with quick problem solving skills

  • Strong understanding of visual identities and aesthetic viewpoints

  • Proactive, organized, detailed, and hands-on

  • Excellent communication, facilitation, written, and interpersonal skills, with a demonstrated ability to influence change

  • Enthusiasm for building and implementing strategic campaigns through instinct, innovation, and creativity, without sacrificing brand values

  • Ability to learn and understand the workflow of various software platforms and asset pipelines, collaborating across multiple teams.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of various social media platforms and emerging technologies


  • Competitive benefits and 401(k) employer matching plan

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