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Stained Glass

A wine(ish) column from Matty Colston inspired by reverence for the physical world, the critical nature of storytelling, and the granular aspects of cultural and sensory pursuits

Beyond Wine - Pomology Part Deux ➺

Matty Colston is back with more musings and recommendations on the topic of co-fermentations, tracing back their spiritual origins and sustainable roots. We hear from brewers, winemakers, growers, distributors, and more who explain the benefits of supporting the polyculture of multi-fruit wines.

When Wine Folks Don't Want Wine ➺

Matty Colston doesn't usually talk about wine without talking about the connectivity and conditions that allow for such an ancient bearer of culture to come alive. This column is no exception, with a deep dive into the things that excite wine people, that aren't quite wine.

Unlocking the Past

"Everyone has different ways to digest wine subjectively, just like art, but the appreciation and respect of craftsmanship for something that has longevity is spiritual. Consuming it feels like magic."

This edition of Stained Glass looks at what kind of wines you should cellar, how and when you should do it, and the spiritual ramifications of "unlocking the past" with wines.

2021 State of Wine ➺

The harvest of 2020 was fraught with obstacles (we can relate). Matty Colston talks about what small distributors, grower-producers, and retailers are doing to stay afloat, and how it affects our buying habits and drinking trends.

"Since browsing in a shop is currently off the table, wine clubs are becoming as fun and engaging as the kind of clubs we used to start when we were kids. The way the wine industry is currently engaging with its audience is more playful and interactive than ever. The benevolent effort of these small shops disarm people of their worry that their taste or palettes are less evolved."

Waste Not, Want Not ➺

Matty Colston's monthly column Stained Glass debuts with a look at how time affects expressions and impressions and how to embrace the temporal nature of wine. Next time you're struggling with choosing the perfect bottle to open, don't hesitate to pop them all. Any issues of excess or incompatibility that arise can be easily remedied with a little patience.